Frequently Asked Questions


The SunRinse Panel Kits come complete and ready to install. The textured panel, stainless steel outdoor shower fixture (mounted to panel), exterior wall panel mount, plumbing connectors and hardware is included. Some special installations may require additional hardware.

We do the majority of the work at our manufacturing facility so you don't have to. Stainless steel shower fixture is mounted to the panel and most plumbing connections are made. Typical installations should be complete under an hour, but may require some assistance because the panels may be heavy to lift for some. More on installation ideas here...

The 304 and 316 stainless steel shower fixtures are made with 3/4 swival nut and washer for quick maintenance. SunRinse Solltile Panels includes 1/2 inch Pex type fittings with every shower. Easy plumbing connections and portable tankless hot water plumbing kit is included with our hot water panel kits. If connecting to a garden hose, we include the garden hose adapter available during check-out.

Yes, the portable hot water heater can be connected to the water supply, such as an water spigot with a garden hose.

You will need basic hand tools such as; a drill, screw driver, tape measure, razor knife, adjustable wrench and a level for most wall mount installations.

Yes, this allows greater flexibility in outdoor shower placement. IE. trails, poolsides, garden areas or shorelines. Either use an existing well grounded post, or purchase a post 6inches x 6inches and 8 ft tall. Set the post in concrete at least 16 inches below grade for stability. Some soils may require deeper settings. More on installation here....

The SR201 Outdoor Shower body is made from Solid 316 Stainless Steel. 316 stainless is a great choice for outdoor showers because it endures weather better than most any metal. Considering salty humidity, acid rain and constant expansion and contraction, stainless steel will always perform better than chrome plating and painted coatings which have a tendency to peel and flake over time. The SR200 series outdoor shower is made from 304 stainless steel. 304 is an excellent choice for inland and wet installations. Both models have a natural satin brushed finish that looks great. It does not show heavy water spots to blemish its appeal. Brushed stainless steel fixtures also look more natural outdoors.

The panel is made with a lightweight masonry product cast formed under pressure. This gives our panels an authentic texture and natural look. This process also makes SunRinse Shower Panels very durable. No need to worry about plastic or fiberglass discoloration or warping. SunRinse products will not warp and are made from outdoor UV resistant materials.

The THEME Outdoor Shower Panels are 47L x 24W x 2D inches. The stainless steel shower fixture dimensions are 9Wx6D inches and is adjustable from 48 to over 68 inches in height.

The Solltile Outdoor Shower Panels are 42L x 12W x 1D inches. The stainless steel shower fixture dimensions are 9Wx6D inches and is adjustable from 48 to over 68 inches in height.

We use FedEx or UPS to ship the shower panels.

SunRinse Shower Panels are satisfaction guaranteed and returnable within 14 days. After that term, there is a three year warranty. The warranty includes corrosion, fading and de-lamination. If the Shower fails in any way, we will replace it. See SunRinse Limited Warranty here.