Installation and Plumbing Information


Plumber optional. No hard plumbing necessary, not even with SunRinse portable hot water kit option. SunRinse designed showers with lasting beauty and integrity and then we simplified the installation process. You can have a beautiful outdoor shower in approximately 60 minutes. Whether it’s a replacement for existing plumbing or your first time outside shower, installation is simple. Regarded as the most complete outdoor shower kit, the panel eliminates troublesome burdens regarding the installation associated with outside showers.

Self-contained panel. Installation requires mounting the panel on almost any sturdy vertical surface, such as an exterior wall, side of house, gazebo, fence, barn, pergola, on a tree, post etc., as long as the surface can hold approximately 50 pounds safely.
Plumbing is a cinch with our plumbing kits included with all of our showers kits. The area between panel and vertical surface makes an easy connection to existing plumbing or garden hose connection. This also allows ease for pre-freezing winter drainage.

SunRinse Panel Kits enable shower locations anywhere within the landscape


Outdoor Shower Ideas?

By simplifying the panel, shower and plumbing into a self contained kit eliminates the expensive need to tap into interior plumbing for water supply. By having a plumber-less option, outdoor shower ideas and locations are only limited by your imagination.

Want hot water? Consider an outdoor tank-less hot water heater. The water heater can utilize a standard garden hose for it’s water supply, supplying both hot and cold water to your shower without any plumbing. If you have a garden hose, basic hand tools such as a drill, level, screw driver, tape measure and a wrench for installation, then you have your new SunRinse Outdoor Shower.

Home owners and businesses will agree the simplicity and commercial quality of SunRinse Outdoor Shower units, easy installation options, limitless outdoor shower idea locations,  and alluring natural looks make SunRinse Outdoor Shower kits a bargain. No need for expensive plumbing. The outdoor shower panel kits provide most everything you will need for quick installation to your existing plumbing or garden hose.

This is SunRinse General Installation page for our Outdoor Shower Kits. Below are options for almost every outdoor installation situation. Click on the group of tabs that best describes what you are doing


For instructions, click the set of tabs below that best describes you.


Use these tabs to find out more about installation for a home in the planning stages, in process of being built or remodeled

Inside these tabs you will find installation and specifications primarily for building contractors and plumbers. If you need more information, assistance, or have questions, please contact us via email or telephone.

Procedure for both Solltile and Theme Panel Kits

Stainless Steel Outdoor Shower Fixture Installation guidelines


Use this set of tabs if you have an existing house and want to install a SunRinse Outdoor Shower Kit

These tabs are used for both SunRinse "Theme Series" and the "Solltile Series" Outdoor Shower Panel Kits. The information provided will guide DIY's as well as, a contractor professional.


1. Dig a shallow trench
2. set up shower and water heater
3. Make connections

1. Install a Cold and Hot Frost-Free Hose bib.
2. connect shower with stainless steel
3. Make connections

Great for hot summer, cool rinses.

Panel INSTALLATION Instructions

SunRinse Makes It Easy!


1. Use Solid Anchors for concrete or brick wall.

2. Secure panle according to instructionsr
3. Make water connections

For Complete Plumbing illustrations.