How To Winterize Outdoor Shower?

The following tutorial gives general information regarding the weatherization, sometimes referred as winterization  of a SunRinse Outdoor Shower. Models, installations and situations all may be different. However, this will give a general guide as to weatherize a SunRinse Outdoor Shower.

Firstly, removing all water from supply pipes and the SunRinse Outdoor Shower must be done before freezing temperatures. SunRinse has made our outdoor showers very easy to remove water from the unit. Less than 3 minutes in most cases. But, do not forget the supply lines. These instructions do not include "how to" drain or evacuate all water from the hot and cold water lines. Depending how the outdoor shower is set up, draining the water supply lines is usually very simple also. If not sure how to, it is highly advisable to check with professional help, such as plumber or contractor.

How To Drain The SunRinse Outdoor Shower in Three Minutes.
Follow Easy Steps Below

1. Remove Stem and Cap

Unscrew the toggle control stem to bottom of the SR200 series shower. Then use a 2.5 mm hex key to loosen the thread hex set. See Image.
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Frozen Water Exerts 2,000 PSI!

Did you know accidental outdoor shower freezing can be devastating to your shower as well as your plumbing system? The SR200 series outdoor shower incorporates a specialty valve that greatly reduces damage to the shower if frozen in most cases. But, we highly recommend you do not challenge this. Almost always, some limited damage is done.....always take precautions prior to freezing weather. SunRinse Outdoor Showers makes it easy!

2. Remove Cap And Stem Continued

Wiggle the stainless steel cap off once the threaded set key has been loosen or remove. This will reveal the stem of the SR200 Series cartridge.
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Make sure the water supply is shut off!

Before proceeding, verify water supply is shut off to the shower. If you do not know where this is in your plumbing for the outdoor shower, it is recommended to contact a professional.

3. Remove SR200 Cartridge

Use a number 29 cartridge wrench to remove the SunRinse SR200 series cartridge.
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4. Drain the SR200 Series Shower

Unscrew the retaining cap nut and remove the SunRinse Outdoor Shower SR200 series cartridge
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Remove the hand held hose at the diverter using a wrench and let hang to drain. Cycle the diverter for the hose/shower to make sure all water has been evacuated.

Remove and  store the SunRinse Outdoor Shower SR200 series cartridge safe from freezing. Notice the tabs on the back of the cartridge for installation of cartridge. Place a clean cloth rag into the cavity of shower to prevent and debris entering shower.