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Solltile Beach Stone Outdoor Shower Plus Portable Hot Water Heater


Contemporary mix with outdoor aesthetics are combine make up this jewel. Natural green sea glass set in white grout make this a shower for any coastline build.  A perfect fit for your beach house stand alone shower, or adds color to any outdoor shower enclosure.

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This natural decorative outdoor shower is made with real stone mosaic!

Add a natural look to your new or replacement of existing shower. Ideal for showers in native settings. This earthy outdoor shower’s natural look is ideal for enclosures, stand alone, trail, docks, beaches, house-side showers, and showers within natural landscapes.

High quality 100% corrosion resistant, brushed stainless steel faucet body pre-mounted to SunRinse premium decorative panel. Accented with brushed aluminum protective edging.

Solltile  Beach Stone Outdoor Shower Panel Kit included features;
· Real Stone Mosaic tile set in white outdoor grout
· Solid stainless steel shower fixture attached to panel
· Easily drained for winterization in colder climates
· Easily mounts to virtually any vertical surface/hardware included
· Designed specifically for outdoor use
· Portable tankless hot water heater- Eccotemp L10
· Custom faux bamboo textured SunRinse Panel
· Solid stainless steel shower fixture attached to panel
· 8 Inch stainless steel directional rain head
· 1 inch diameter heavy walled exposed stainless steel shower riser
· Stainless steel riser adjustable up to 20 inches in additional height
· Stainless steel hand shower with 60 inch flex hose
· Dual HOT/COLD ½ inch MPT water connection
· Plumbing connection kit for garden hose optional during check-out
· Easily drained for winterization in colder climates
· Easily mounts to virtually any vertical surface/hardware included
· Designed specifically for outdoor use
· UV protective coating applied
· Portable tankless hot water heater included Eccotemp L10
· Panel dimensions approximately 24W x 2D x 48H inches
· Stainless steel shower dimensions 9W x 6D x 48H–68H (adjustable) inches
· Outdoor Shower Panel kit shipping weight 35 lbs
· 3 Year Limited Warranty

  • Ships in 4-5 days

Eccotemp L10 Portable Hot Water Tank

There is no substitute for an luxurious, hot outdoor shower with virtually endless hot water to warm the soul on a cool spring morning or a summer sundown refresher. After the pool or before the hot tub, on the lake trail, after the yard work or playing at the beach, a SunRinse hot outdoor shower is just a twist away.

SunRinse Outdoor Shower Kits s are  portable and the optional tank-less hot water option does not take away any of the kit’s portability. Easy to install water heater does not require electricity, hours of sunlight, or extensive plumbing to create a hot water. What you will need is (2) D cell flashlight batteries, a standard propane tank, some piping such as PEX type tubing or a simple garden hose will work. We supply the rest of the hardware in our Hot Water Outdoor Shower Panel Kits. Take a shower anytime of the year, morning, day, evening or night, direct sunlight or not. Enjoy instant and continuous hot water for your shower as soon as the shower valve is turned on.

Efficiently using clean burning propane and tank-less hot water technology wrapped up in a portable unit will deliver approximately 6 hours of continuous hot water or 40-50, 
8-minute hot water showers per 20lb propane tank.


Portable and Tank-less Hot Water Customized To Connect Directly To Our SunRinse Panels.

·         Correct size – Adequately Delivers Hot Water To Our Outdoor Shower Panels
·         NO Electricity, Extensive Plumbing Or Sunlight Needed
·         Shower Placement Anywhere On Your Landscape
·         Customized Plumbing Kit For Easy Connection to Outdoor Showers Fixtures Included.

The Eccotemp L10 Tank-less Water Heater is one of the hottest tankless water heaters on the market! The Eccotemp L10 Tank-less Water Heater gives you endless hot water for your outdoorSolltile siding installation with water heater 1 shower, cottage, lake home, potting shed, RV, camper, horse washing stall or wherever else you need hot water. The Eccotemp L10 Tank-less Water Heater delivers up to 2.6 Gallons Per Minute of hot water ranging from 80-145 degrees F. The 2 “D” cell battery ignition starts the flame only when water is running, so there’s no chance of overheating. It is perfect for off grid or areas where you have limited electricity. Designed for a more permanent installation, the L10 comes with standard 1/2″ NPT fittings, making it easily plumbed in with standard fixtures. The ideal operating range is 20-80 PSI.

Bonus-outdoor shower Plumbing Kits when ordered as a bundled item with any SunRinse Outdoor Shower Panel

When ordered with SunRinse Outdoor Shower Kit as a bundle, we include the plumbing parts you will need to make typical installations a cinch. The Plumbing Kit include with SunRinse Outdoor Shower Panes are PEX type fittings, garden hose adapters, factory made plumbing adapters, etc. we strive to make the installation as fast and easy as possible for home owner and commercial applications alike.

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Solltile Dimensions

Stainless Steel Shower Dimensions

9W x 6D x 48H–68H (adjustable) inches


Three Year Limited Warranty

EccoTemp Warranty

One Year Limited Warranty