Bamboo Outdoor Shower
Themed Series

Rustic Brick


"Theme shower panels provide a unique personalized outdoor shower experiences..."

The “Theme” Series Outdoor Shower Panel Kits were developed for more than just for an outside shower, its a highly detailed functional shower ornament that creates excitement and fun for all landscapes. With a choice of four exciting themes to choose from, your outdoor shower will surely be unique.

The “Theme” Series looks and feels like real materials, even the most critical eye will be fooled. Each panel is cast with integral colored, light weigh, masonry material and then details are hand colored by artisans to simulate natural counterparts.  A UV protective clear coating provides water resistance and ensures longevity and protection, without a high sheen. The panels mount to virtually any vertical surface. The depth and character of stone, brick, wood  and bamboo are so lifelike; they will appease the most critical eye.



Questions About Plumbing?

Water For Outdoor ShowerWater For Outdoor Shower

Confused about outdoor shower plumbing?
No worries, we will explain and provide the CORRECT water connection for you.

On Demand Hot Water option

Hot Water?Hot Water?

-No Sunlight Require
-No Expensive Plumbing
-Instant Hot Water
-Completely Portable


Box to Shower in an hourBox to Shower in an hour

SunRnse has done everything possible to make installation Easy
Save Time and Money Plumbing connections

Complete Outdoor Shower Kit

Our SOLLTILE Panel Series includesOur SOLLTILE Panel Series includes

-Stainless steel shower fixture
-Custom Panel
-Hand/Foot Shower
-Easy Dismount
-All hardware for installation

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Rustic Brick Outdoor Shower Kit

Rustic Brick Outdoor Shower Kit Great For Any Backyard Application

Oceanic KIt

Oceanic is great for seaside fun in the sun themes. Cool off before getting into the pool, or take a hot outdoor shower after gardening.

Bamboo KIt Outdoor Shower

Tropical beach themed shower. Just add sand and water for outdoor fun.

Cut Stone Outdoor Shower Kit

This natural looking cut stone shower is perhaps SunRinse Showers most beautiful outdoor shower.
This is our rustic outdoor shower. Made with a stainless steel outdoor shower fixture ON SALE!!!
Mount Your Outdoor Shower Almost Anywhere! All Outdoor Shower Kits ON SALE!!!
Add Portable Hot Water Heater To Your Shower For Instant Hot Luxurious Showers. Outdoor Showers Made With Stainless Steel Shower Fixture ON SALE!!!
Exposed Stainless Steel Fixture Has an Unique Rustic Outdoor Look

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