SunRinse Showers will accept product returns for the period of 45 days starting on consumer purchase date for a full refund of product less shipping and handling charges and with the following conditions.
– Customer is responsible for returning product in resalable condition.
– SunRinse has been notified and SunRinse has issued a Return Authorization Number.
– Item has not been altered, damaged or mishandled.

Your product is shipped with replacement insurance from the carrier. If you have received damaged product due to shipping, you must make a claim by contacting SunRinse Outdoor Showers within 5 days of receiving the product.


FOR NON-COMMERCIAL OWNER INSTALLATIONS: SunRinse Showers warrants this product to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for the original non-commercial owner for a period of five years from initial purchase. Proof of purchase from the original non-commercial owner must be made available to SunRinse Showers for all warranty claims. This warranty is non-transferable to subsequent purchasers or owners. The sole exception to the transfer ability of this warranty is that if this product is purchased by a plumber, contractor or other service provider, this warranty extends to the first property owner on whose behalf the product was purchased for installation.  It does not apply in the event of product damage due to the use of other than genuine SunRinse Showers replacement parts, installation error, abuse, misuse or improper care, freezing conditions and maintenance. The warranty excludes damage due to cartridge, aggressive water conditions, or harsh, acidic or abrasive cleaners and/or materials. This warranty does not cover surface staining from harsh air/humidity environmental conditions. Once SunRinse is notified of defect during warranty period, it is SunRinse sole and exclusive liability shall be for SunRinse Showers, at its sole option, to either repair or replace the entire unit or the defective parts in accordance to the limited warranty. SunRinse Showers is not liable for any consequential damages, third party damages, labor, handling or shipping charges during warranty period. Damages incurred as a result of installation, replacement, shipping or repair or not covered by warranty. No other warranty either expressed or implied other than this written warranty.