Instant, Portable and Continuous Hot Outdoor Showers

Hot Outdoor Shower Made Easy

Take a shower anytime of the year, morning, day, evening or night, direct sunlight or not. Enjoy instant and continuous hot water for your shower as soon as the shower is turned on. Efficiently using clean burning propane and tankless hot water technology wrapped up in a portable unit will deliver approximately 6 hours of continuous hot water or 40-50, 8-minute hot water showers per 20lb propane tank.

As an option, you can now enjoy luxurious hot water outdoor showers without expensive plumbing. SunRinse has matched up an instant, tank-less and portable hot water heater that feeds your outdoor shower with constant hot water without the necessary plumbing required to pipe hot water from the inside of your house. The EccoTemp tank-less water heater was chosen for it’s ability to deliver a continuous flow of hot water, it’s portability and low cost. It only requires using a standard propane BBQ tank and (2) D-Cell flashlight batteries. SunRinse provides the manifold kit for the portable hot water heater free with any Hot Water Panel kits.  The manifold eliminates two water lines for the hot and cold to the heater. Only one water source is needed, such as a garden hose.

Installation is as easy as connecting to a water hose to the EccoTemp water heater and completing the installation with easy to use PEX tubing. PEX tubing is very easy to cut with a utility knife, the connectors and tubing are secured with standard hose clamps, and PEX fittings are completely compatible with NPT threaded plumbing fittings. Paint the PEX the color of the house siding to create a cleaner, professional look. Or, you many bury the PEX and feed outdoor showers from the bottom.

Using the portable heater in conjunction with SunRinse Panel kits enables almost endless placement locations. No electrical, direct sunlight, no hard gas fuel piping needed. Place anywhere withing as far as you can reach with a garden hose or PEX tubing. Pool sides, boat docks, beach sides, in the shade of landscape, the trail from the lake, virtually anywhere you can imagine a beautiful hot water outdoor shower can be placed.

Eccotemp-L10-1About the EccoTemp L-10 Water Heater
The Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater is one of the hottest tankless water heaters on the market! The Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater gives you endless hot water at your outdoor shower, cabin, summer cottage, lake home, potting shed, RV, camper, horse washing stall or wherever else you need hot water. The Eccotemp L10 Tankless Water Heater delivers up to 2.6 Gallons Per Minute of hot water ranging from 80-145 degrees F. The 2 “D” cell battery ignition starts the flame only when water is running, so there’s no chance of overheating. The L10 comes with standard 1/2″ NPT fittings, making it easily plumbed in with standard fixtures. The ideal operating range is 20-80 PSI. If you need
a pemanent outdoor heater, let us know. The EccoTemp L10 is not designed
as a permanent outdoor fixture.

Stainless steel rain cap
1/2″ NPT to garden hose adapter
Battery ignited, means no electricity needed
Automatic shut off for safety
LPG Regulator and LPG hose
Mounting Hardware for heater

Include with the SunRinse Hot Water Bundle Kits

Adapters for the SunRinse Shower
Hot Water Manifold for Hot and Cold water diversionSolltile Beach Stone with water heater
Mounting Hardware for SunRinse Panel Kit

What you need to complete

PEX tubing – found at hardware or home centers
Optional garden hose
1/2 inch hose clamps – found at hardware or home centers
Basic hand tools-
-utlility knife
-drill and bit for anchoring securing the SunRinse Panel
-BBQ Propane tank 20lbs – found at hardware or home centers

Outdoor Shower Ideas...on the side of house or complete portability on a pole in the garden