Stainless Steel Outdoor Faucet – Model Number SR201

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SunRinse Outdoor Shower Faucet Is Made With 316 Stainless Steel!


This outdoor shower fixture is made from solid 316 stainless steel construction and accessories. The lasting outdoor fixture is designed for the outdoor environment. Its massive exposed one inch diameter upright pipe stands tall with rich pronouncement. The informal curved spout contributes to an exterior theme, but remains a modernized visual appeal. Its handsome brushed finish will fend off water spots and further defines fashionably. A big eight inch rain head will soak you with slight pressure and wash a day of work, sand or play away. Add height to the shower if you like with a simple twist of the lever and create customized shower to anyone’s level of comfort. Dual hot and cold water supply, this shower is ready for installation. Stainless steel’s natural beauty thwarts corrosion and is a good material for rain, salty and high humidity environments. SunRinse is proud to offer this unique timeless piece at an affordable price. Great for new or replacing existing outdoor showers.

The hand held wash is detachable from the adjustable holder. Cleaning everything within it’s long 60 inch reach, feet, toes and pets. Or keep the hand wash in the holder and slide down for a hands free rinse.

All controlled by a single mixing valve and a diverter for the hand held wash, this shower is ready for installation.


  • 2.2 GPM rain head shower
  • Exposed Parts made from solid 316 stainless steel
  • 8 Inch stainless steel directional rain head
  • 1 inch diameter heavy walled solid stainless steel exposed stainless steel shower riser
  • Stainless steel riser adjustable up to 20 inches in additional height
  • Stainless steel hand shower with 60 inch flex hose, great for the pets or feet.
  • Dual HOT/COLD water connection
  • Offset 1/2 inch threaded water connection- adjust from 5 1/2 inch to 6 1/2 water pipe centers (see installation page)
  • Singe connection kit for garden hose optional with all Panel Kits
  • Easily drained and disconnected for weatherization in colder climates
  • Portable hot water heater connections supplied in Panel+Heater Bundle Kits
  • Designed specifically for outdoor use
  • Replaceable ceramic faucet cartridge – engineered for 250,000 openings and closings
  • Please email us if you have questions, our tech support is standing by to receive phone calls
  • Usually ships same day for orders received by 10AM CST.
  • Model Number SR201
  • Easy to weatherize for winter months. Instructions (click here)


Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 6 in

Ships UPS

Stainless Steel Shower Dimensions

9W x 6D x 48H–68H (adjustable) inches


Three Year Limited Warranty

19 reviews for Stainless Steel Outdoor Faucet – Model Number SR201

  1. Andrea S

    Love my outdoor shower because of the large shower head and entire assembly. Pressure is great and the temp controls are very easy to regulate. Wand pressure great for washing the shower walls and dirty, sandy feet. Stainless stands up to salt water/beach front harsh environment like no other. NO Rust! Excellent quality.

  2. Harry L

    Very nice shower, great pressure for such a big rain head.

  3. Karle Palfrey (verified owner)

    A great looking shower head with good pressure. Love the hand held shower bar for rinsing sandy feet.
    Purchased in June 2016.

  4. Andrea Southland

    Love my outdoor shower because of the large shower head and entire assembly. Pressure is great and the temp controls are very easy to regulate. Wand pressure great for washing the shower walls and dirty, sandy feet. Stainless stands up to salt water/beach front harsh environment like no other. NO Rust! Excellent quality.

  5. Chris N (verified owner)

    Very attractive shower head with good pressure and excellent quality due to stainless steel parts. The hand held shower bar useful for dirty feet and dogs. The water control is well designed and easy to use for kids and adults.

  6. Mary McDonald (verified owner)

    Our entire family LOVES this outdoor shower. It is now so easy to shower my grandchildren after the beach and my sons now prefer to shower outdoors! Not only is the shower body attractive it is so functional and easy to use. The shower head is adjustable and large and the handheld can be used to spray off sand or it can be placed on the bar and used as a shower head for little people. We had a really nice enclosure built for the shower and we are asking ourselves, “Why did we wait so long to do this?” Thanks Sun Rinse!!!

  7. K Clark (verified owner)

    Love the outdoor shower by our cabana. It has the look we wanted and the adjustable height of the show head suites our family well. Excellent quality from a great company

  8. Laura B (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic outdoor shower, exactly what we were looking for. Large shower head size and water pressure are perfect, and I would definitely get the model with the hand held if you have pets. Makes life so much easier to bathe them outside!

  9. Debbie A (verified owner)

    Love the shower. Installed at my beach house and it got rave reviews from all that used it. So far the stainless has held up to the salt. Great pressure in the shower head and wand.

  10. DaveR

    Love the shower! We just replace our pool house and wanted an outdoor shower for everyone to use. The finish looks great and we love the large shower head and the water flow is great. So much better than the other options!

  11. Craig Willis (verified owner)

    Great product for out door shower for the price. Quality is excellent. shower head and shower handle work very well. Looks great. Best option out there for the price

  12. John B. (verified owner)

    Love the outdoor shower! The stainless shower has held up with no rusting by the salt water and the detachable hand held wash is perfect for kids!

  13. David K (verified owner)

    Top quality outdoor shower and great value for the price. We installed it in a pool cabana in Eastern Long Island which is heavily influenced by the ocean. Prior outdoor products pitted or rusted after one season. This looks like new and gives a great water stream.

  14. Catherine Goldie Bates (verified owner)

    Awesome shower! Love it to pieces. Can’t wait to use it again this summer.

  15. Debbie Ackles

    This is a follow up review from two years ago. My shower is installed really close to the ocean with sea mist blowing all the time. It is also exposed to New England winters. I was concerned that it would rust in no time despite the stainless. I’m happy to report that after two years and no maintenance it still looks like new after a quick clean with “Barkeepers Stainless Cleaner”. It looks brand new and shiny still! I wish I could post a picture of it. I couldn’t be happier with this product.

  16. Ralph Druckman (verified owner)

    This shower looks even more amazing in person – a masterpiece of stainless steel crafting, superbly designed. Flow capacity is amazing, with drenching rain head flow and super-effective wand shower flow as well. I’m going to use this shower for my next high-end interior shower job, it’s that good. Sunrinse’s Tech Support is awesome as well – personable and helpful, and they know their stuff really well!!! Worth every penny!!!

  17. Duncan S.

    This is a fantastic shower. It looks sleek and modern and is functional for everyone from small kids to adults. We installed the shower in 2016 and it has stood up to the saltwater air extremely well. It is also superbly engineered and so easy to winterize. I did not realize how easy it is to remove the cartridge, and so we had a problem one winter. However, this was easily fixed by replacing the cartridge – which took me about 2 minutes. The customer service was fantastic and guided me through the process without needing a plumber. As one of the other reviewer’s notes, the Tech Support is awesome!

  18. Kim Erle

    Beautiful shower that has held up for several years in a harsh coastal environment. We love the hand held shower that accompanies the rain head…perfect for rinsing sandy feet and muddy dog paws. Customer service is terrific – due to COVID we didn’t get the plumber here quickly enough and as a result needed to replace the cartridge. No sweat…SunRinse support made it easy to get the replacement part!

  19. Jeff G (verified owner)

    I am impressed with the quality of the materials, the design, and the superior functionality. This sturdy monster delivers on its promise of durability and powerful flow. I use it as my main shower whenever the temperature is above freezing. When you are standing under the shower you are engulfed in water from head to toe. Living just off the ocean the salt eats everything but for 316 stainless. I look forward to years of service from this remarkable product. I am ordering a second one for my other outdoor shower.

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